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How To Get Things Done | Self Improvement Blogs
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How To Get Things Done

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How to Get Things Done – 7 Smart Ways to Accomplish A Goal

Ciara Conlon posted on Lifehack.org a great post on how to gain focus and push ourselves to accomplish our daily tasks and goals. She outlines “7 Wise Ways” to do just that:

shapeit How To Get Things Done

“It has to be one of mankind’s greatest challenges; staying focused in the fast paced, technology driven world we are living in. Information overload, a common phenomenon, work overload another. But staying focused is perhaps the best way for us to get things done and move forward with our lives and our jobs. So how do we keep our eye on the ball when it’s accustomed to bouncing around from court to court?”

Ciara Conlon

Ciara is a getting things done (GTD) fanatic. She is obsessed with accomplishing what she sets out to do and feeling as if she has done a lot each day. Here are the seven ways she says we can stay focused on each task:

How to get things done …

1) Focus on one thing

Conlon quotes Confucius, “He who chases two rabbits, catches none.” This idea is simple to understand. Our brains only work at one thing a time despite the multi-tasking claim. If you have numerous things to do you should focus on one thing at a time. Don’t hop around task to task or you’ll lose your rhythm.

2) Eliminate Known Distractions

Get rid of anything that will distract you. Phone, Internet, TV, Music could be examples of this. Don’t do anything that decreases your productivity, and keeps you from concentrating on your task.

3) Calm The Mind

You may consider starting your day with breathing exercises or meditation. You begin with a calm mind and you are ready to face challenges in a professional and productive way. If your mind is not calm it’s easy to get upset about a really busy day. If your mind is calm, you will breeze through the tasks without the dread.

4) De-clutter

De-clutter each day or at least once a week. Do a quick pick-up and get rid of the clutter in your environment. If you let things build up it becomes a real chore. If you do a little cleaning each day it will create a better environment for work, rest, and relaxation.

5) Exercise

When you exercise, your body produces neurotransmitters in your brain that cause you to feel energized. For some people (like me for example icon smile How To Get Things Done it is a high they chase daily. Serotonin and endorphin levels increase almost immediately with exercise. Those are just two of the chemicals that are known to elevate your mood, and make you feel good. If you feel good, work and your daily activities become easier.

6) Clarification of Goals

Ensure that what you are working on is in line with your objectives. For each goal you have there is an objective. Be sure you keep that in mind as it is your reward for working towards your goals. Focusing on your objectives, you will work on things that will help you reach your goals.

7) Simplify

Work at the most important things first. This will give you more progress early. After you have met many important objectives you can work on the smaller details. Simplifying, involves prioritizing, and system analysis. If there is an easier way to do things you need to find it.

These seven steps are guidelines on how to approach your productivity limits. Do you know how to get things done? Please leave your comments about additional approaches on how to boost productivity.

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Comment by RS
2012-03-07 13:09:51

Great guidelines. I find meditation works wonders and am passing that along. http://meditation-in-5-days.com is an awesome guided meditation course that can help heal and renew. Breath, reflect and simplify your life. Thanks for reminding us.

Comment by Alex
2012-03-25 17:44:36

Clarification of goals is always a challenge for me. I tend to get started on the journey before I define my destination.

It’s something I definitely need to work on.

Comment by George
2013-08-23 11:29:20

Focusing on one thing at a time has to be the number one rule. I tend to get much more accomplished by doing this instead of trying juggle several tasks at once. Great article.

2013-09-06 20:51:59

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