Change Your Environment: Your productivity primary depends upon your environment.  If your workplace is noisy and crowded, it impacts your productivity.  One of the first step you can take to increase your productivity is to change your work environment.  Shift your workplace to calm, silent place and you will see the great impact on your productivity.

Silent Your Mobile Phone : When you start working on important project, switched off your mobile phone or put it in silent mode.  We can’t live without mobile now a days and mobile phone notifications are the greatest source of distraction.  Putting your mobile phone on silent mode will help you to focus on your work and will increase your productivity.  Start practising to put your mobile phone on silent during working hours and you will see significant increase in your focus and productivity.

Follow a set routine: Working on what to do on daily basis will consume you mentally, specially in the morning hours.  Set a simple routine and follow up it on daily basis.  It will put in focus mode as soon as you start working.

Use software to manage your tasks : Stop trying to remember everything and it will put pressure on your mind.  Use software to manage your task and free up your mind.  It will you instantly increase your productivity.

Set boundaries : When working on important projects, inform everyone to not to disturb you during that particular hours, whether you are working from home or office.  Setting healthy boundaries will help you to focus on your work and will reduce your distraction.

Set a healthy lifestyle : Take time to exercise, meditate and get quality sleep.  Avoid eating junk food on daily basis.  It will increase your ability to focus and will impact your productivity.

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